Woodcote High - Summer 2017

Please find some important information in the first of our two summer mailings. Part two will be sent on Thursday.

Mufti Day
On Friday 21st July 2017, we are proposing to hold a Mufti Day to enable Woodcote High School
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School Uniform
We take pride in our school and our students’ achievements. Our high standards reap rewards for our students both within the school and out in the community.
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Croydon Council
After discussions with your school and local councillors the Council has decided to introduce a new pilot scheme in an attempt to manage and resolve these issues permanently. We feel this new
scheme will offer all users a much safer environment.
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Growth Mindset
At Woodcote High School, it is our mission to unlock your child’s vast potential. We do this through developing their mindset in lessons, in form time and assemblies, and across the whole school.
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WHS Aspire
It gives us great pleasure to launch the WHS ASPIRE programme! Throughout 2017 we have worked with all key stakeholders to modernise our values and mission statement.
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